Starr's Vision

"Leading the Way to a Brighter Future"

All students at Starr Elementary School will be engaged daily in rigorous learning experiences that build on students' talents, challenge their skills and understandings, and develop their ability to reason, problem solve, collaborate, and communicate in preparation for college and career success.

Mission Statement

The mission of Starr Elementary School is to enable our students to be responsible citizens and self-motivated lifelong learners.

Our Beliefs

We believe that:

all children can learn.

children are our highest priority.

well-rounded children lead to a future consisting of well-rounded citizens.

cultural diversity and individual differences strengthen our society.

early exposure to technology will help our students in future endeavors.

differentiated instruction is vital to the success of all students.

parents and teachers should be partners in the education of students.

all students should strive for high academic standards in a caring and safe environment.

a positive school environment requires mutual respect between faculty, staff, students, and parents.

Profile of the South Carolina Graduate 


Safety is a main concern, and a first concern for our students. Many measures of safety have been implemented this year such as:

1) Access controls placed on doors of all schools along with a secondary set of doors on the interior of our main entrance to create a lobby or holding area before guests can access the rest of the school.

2) Security cameras have been added or upgraded at every school in strategic and high traffic areas. We also have video cameras installed on every school bus.

3) Each school has a full-time School Resource Officer (SRO) assigned to them.

Anderson District Three has teamed with the Iva Police Department to place the most qualified and best fit SROs throughout our district.

Officer Jason Hanks

Officer Hanks is a product of District 3 schools, graduating from Crescent High School. He began his Law Enforcement career in 2006 and worked for the Anderson County Sheriff's Office. This is his first year as a School Resource Officer. He is married with three children.