STEM Lab in Second Grade

Check out what is happening in the STEM Lab! These sweet second graders have been working so hard and developing so many critical thinking and problem solving skills.


Posted by Lauren Sutherland on 12/11/2017

These second graders are learning how to program. They are using Scratch Jr. to learn the basics of progamming and computer science. They just created their first score keeper game. They will eventually create their own games.

Kids playing game

Kids showing game

Macy's Day Parade Floats

Posted by Lauren Sutherland on 11/21/2017

Second graders were elected to create a float for the Macy's Day Parade. They programmed Dash to pull the float they created through the parade. Check out these amazing floats.



Future Software Engineers

Posted by Lauren Sutherland on 11/16/2017

Second graders are learning how program. They are so excited about developing their own game. They will learn how to use events, loops, functions witin their program. Be on the look out for these future software engineers and the games they develop.



Engineering Prosthetics

Posted by Lauren Sutherland on 11/7/2017

Second graders were busy learning how to classify animals and the structures they use to obtain food and resrouces. The students then learned about two animals who had lost a body part, Chhouk the elephant and Beauty the eagle. They used the engineering design process to create a prosthetic leg for Chhouk and a prosthetic beak for Beauty. The students had to research to find out more, brainstorm solutions, and develop a model. They tested their model and then improved their designs. Check out their work below.