Letter from the Superintendent

"Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year! We're excited to have your students coming back to our buildings. The custodians, maintenance, and IT staff have worked diligently all summer to have our buildings ready and our computers ready to roll out. There are several initiatives as we start the school year that I'd like to make you aware of. First of all, we're so excited that we've finished the capstone project with the Penny Sales Tax. The Anderson Institute of Technology will open its doors on the first day of school in August. This will give our students the opportunity for 19 additional career and technology programs, along with the 4 that we offer at Crescent. This is a game-changer for Anderson School District Three and we're so excited to be able to send our students to a career center. Another project that has happened throughout the summer is that we have finalized our 1:1 initiative. Our IT Department has been pulling cable and has been working to have over 500 devices ready to deploy. Once we get back to school the students at Starr-Iva Middle School will have a Chromebook that they can take home with them every day. This, along with Crescent High School and what we have already completed in the elementary schools, has our students on cutting edge with technology. Along with this Chromebook initiative and 1:1 we have been approved for e-Learning days. This makes us 1 of 15 school districts in the state of SC who can utilize e-Learning when we have to close school due to inclement weather. We're excited to begin this initiative and we think this will really benefit our students on these days. One other thing I would like to draw your attention to is the information on our school district app. This is the second year we have had the app, and we keep it up to date with information about all of our school's news and happenings. The calendar is up to date, so if you have not already downloaded our Anderson 3 App, Please do so. The App is the best place to stay in touch with what's going on minute-by-minute in our school district. As you go around our district this school year you may notice the word "Why" on a lot of our t-shirts and in other areas. Our focus this year and every year is to have a laser focus on students. If you ask anyone "What is your Why?" our why is Anderson 3 Students. We want every student from Anderson School District Three to have a world-class high-quality education that makes them ready to go out into life, the world of work, college, or whatever their future holds. So every day in Anderson 3, you can expect a laser focus on students from all of our staff and community as we go throughout the school year."

-Mrs. Kathy D. Hipp

Superintendent, Anderson 3