Ensuring that all Flat Rock students are safe on the Internet is a top priority. Every student who uses the Internet at school receives education and training within the classroom setting about digital citizenship. Yet, the U.S. statistics around cyberbullying are staggering: over half of young people report experiencing cyberbullying first hand and more than half of these children will never confide in their parents about it (, 2015). As our school moves to a 1:1 student to computer ratio it is more important than ever before that students understand Internet safety, cyberbullying, and how to use the Internet in a smart way. While at school, we will do everything possible to ensure our students’ safety. Yet we live in a digital age and access to the Internet is everywhere, 24/7. It is important that parents, teachers, businesses, and communities-at-large work together to teach and model safe Internet practices.

The assortment of websites below have resources that are beneficial for classroom teachers, administrators, parents, and students.There are lesson ideas for teaching elementary-age children about Internet safety; school and government guidelines on cyberbullying; and videos, activities, and games that will engage and delight children while equipping them to not fall victim to this type of attack. The resources are color-coded and grouped by topic so that they can be easily identified: green, yellow, and white backgrounds - resources for parents and teachers; blue cluster (bottom center) - government pages and school district Internet policies; purple cluster (top center) - resources, including videos and games, for students.