CHS Math Teachers

Crescent High School Math Teachers Lori McDowell and Dru Winchester were recently chosen for The Citadel's Learning to Lead (L2L) Program. 

L2L is a 5-year National Science Foundation project to develop rural mathematics teacher leaders. The L2L project strives to stimulate sustainable improvements in the quality of mathematics teaching and learning in rural high-needs schools by:

  1. Building master teacher fellows' pedagogical content knowledge and skills.
  2. Building MTFs' teacher leadership knowledge and skills.
  3. Collaborating with MTFs to create the SC Rural Math Teacher Network (SC-RMTN) and associated PD resources.
  4. Supporting teachers to continue the SC-RMTN into the future.

As participants in the program, McDowell and Winchester will receive 30 graduate hours for FREE (A Master's +30 Degree) and a stipend of $10,000 per year for five years! The pair earned two of only 20 slots available in South Carolina. We are incredibly proud of their dedication to excellence in the classroom!