Jennifer Burdette is our #A3AllStar for the Week of Dec. 2nd!

We think the world of this week's #A3AllStarğŸŒŽğŸŒŸ

Meet Mrs. Jennifer Burdette, 6th grade Social Studies teacher at Starr-Iva Middle School! She has taught at SIMS for 6 years. . . "What is your favorite thing about teaching Social Studies?"

"The best thing is getting to teach a subject that I am passionate about every day. I was taught by some of the best teachers in Anderson District 3 and gained a love for history early in life." . . "If you could sum up working in education in a sentence or two, what would you say?"

"Working in the education field has been the best decision that I made. Every day I walk into the classroom, knowing I make a difference. " . . Here are five facts about Mrs. Burdette: 1. I have 2 children that attend Anderson District 3. ğŸ‘¦ğŸ‘§ 2. I enjoy camping with my family. â›º 3. I enjoy playing Xbox, so I can relate the games to class content. ğŸŽ® 4. Some may say I am the loudest teacher at SIMS, but I say whatever keeps their attention! ğŸ“¢ 5. I am a big kid at heart! ğŸ•¹ï¸ . . Thank you, Mrs. Burdette, for your dedication to the students of Anderson 3!