Meet this week's #A3AllStar!

We're starting February off right with an #A3AllStar from Starr-Iva Middle School! Mrs. Joanna Wiles is a SPED teacher at SIMS, a position she has been in for four years. Joanna is a product of Anderson 3, and has been in the district for 13 years!

"What do you value most about your position?"

"I value the relationships I build with students and knowing that just one thing I say or do today can impact their lives years down the road. I love hearing success stories from students, years after I taught them. "

"What does teaching mean to you?"

"I believe the hardest AND best thing about working with children is caring about them. You carry their burdens and you leave work with them. Even years down the road, you still remember their struggles. However, it is also the greatest thing about teaching. Since you carry the burdens of your students, you try to find ways to help them. You lift them up. You encourage them, and hopefully, down the road, they come back and thank you for it."

Here are 5 facts about Mrs. Wiles!

1. My husband and I have 5 children, 4 boys and 1 girl. 2. I love going camping with family and friends. A campsite by the lake with my people is my favorite place to be! 🏕️ 3. My favorite hobbies involve the arts: painting, photography, reading, and writing. I have a blog where I write, when I have time, about everyday life as a mother. 🎨 4. I grew up in church as a pastor’s daughter. I am blessed to have had parents to show me what’s important. As an adult, I find peace and comfort in my personal relationship with Christ.  5. One day, I want to be a published author. 📚

Thank you, Joanna, for your dedication to the students of Starr-Iva Middle School!