Broadwell Named YEScarolina State Finalist

Sydney Broadwell Crescent Entrepreneurship student has recently placed in the top 5 in the YEScarolina State Business Plan Competition. A love for art has driven Sydney to create a business plan modeled around creating natural art supplies for artists. 
Sydney says, "Most popular art brands create very toxic and dangerous environments for artists, one being the fumes. To fix this, we will be using natural alternatives in our paints to create high-quality paint, and we will use materials like sticks and sand in the shape of a paintbrush."
In addition to brushes, she will be selling all-natural paints that are hand mixed and measured. Sydney is planning to launch her business later this summer with brush and paint sets available. Sydney will be assigned a mentor by YEScarolina to work with her and Mrs. Dickerson to develop her business in preparation for the final round of competition this fall.
Broadwell plans to take her school winnings and purchase all of the items she needs to get started. She plans to take pictures/videos of the process and paint something with the end product. She also plans to use it as a promotion as well as something to show future entrepreneurship students, and start selling products.

Congratulations, Sydney!