Tiger Athletes have Returned to School-Sponsored Team Sports, at a 6ft Distance.

Tiger Athletes have returned to school-sponsored team sports, at a 6ft distance. 

It has been over a week since the SC High School League (SCHSL) began to allow student-athletes to return to summer workouts after releasing a 3 Phase return approach. Currently, Anderson 3 athletes are still in Phase 1 of the 3 Phase plan. Coaches and athletes continue to practice social distancing, and coaches must wear a mask at all times. 

Athletic Director Jeff Craft said, "We are excited to return to summer workouts. While not ideal, our student-athletes have been successful at following the current guidelines of phase 1. The best part of all of it - well beyond the conditioning aspect, is getting to see some of the students that our coaches haven’t seen since March. That’s so important, and our coaches have been excited to get to see and work with the kids again."

Read more about the recently released guidelines here.