Virtual Student Meals Now Available!


The USDA has extended the Summer Meals Program to allow all students under the age of 18 the opportunity to receive free breakfast and lunch meals up until December 2020, or until USDA does not have the additional funds to provide.   After December 2020, students not attending a CEP school will be required to have a meal application on file to receive free or reduced meal benefits.

The extended Summer Meals Program will allow all students under the age of 18 the opportunity to enjoy both a breakfast and lunch at no charge.  This will include students attending school as well as those participating in virtual school.  Students attending school will continue to select their daily menu choice from the menus which are posted on the District Website.  



-Free to ALL 18 and under children

-Does NOT have to be a district student.

-Can Pick Up at ANY school

-Families with multiple children can consolidate to 1 pickup site.

-To order---->>>>

Virtual students may request five days of breakfast and lunch meals, which will be reserved for pick up on a weekly basis.  Meals will be available every Monday between 8:30 - 9:30 AM at each District School.  Meals will consist of a variety of foods that will not require extensive cooking, yet will require refrigeration.  All meals will continue to meet the USDA guidelines.

Families with multiple children, 18 and under, may select one school to pick up meals for all students. Prior to meal pickup, families are requested to complete the on-line meal pick up form for each student and indicate the site for which the meals will be picked up, as well as the number of meals. Completion of the on-line form will ensure adequate meals are prepared and ready for pick up.   When making meal selections, please indicate if milk is requested as part of the meal.

Virtual meals will be available beginning Monday, September 21st.  Virtual meals may be requested by completing the Virtual Meal Request Form, located on the District Website.

Crescent High Hybrid students who would like to receive meals for the days they are not at school will have the option of either picking up meals for the days they are not at school before leaving school, or having the meals delivered to their last block so they can take them home.

Anderson 3 will not be able to honor food allergies with Virtual Meals.  Meals will be served as a unit, containing all meal components, other than milk. If you are picking up multiple meals and have a child with an airborne peanut allergy, please alert the Cafeteria Manager prior to meal pickup.  When receiving meals, please carefully check each meal bag and remove any meal components that may be a food allergen.