Meet #A3AllStar, Ms. Andrea Kelley! 🌟

Meet veteran teacher, and this week's #A3AllStar, Ms. Andrea Kelley! 🌟

Ms. Kelley is a 2nd-grade teacher at Starr Elementary School! She taught 4K and 5K for 29 years before moving to second grade this year. Andrea first received her bachelor's from Winthrop University and then received an assistantship teaching in a three and 4-year-old half-day class while obtaining her Masters's Degree. She started working in Anderson 3 at Iva Elementary in 1990!

"What do you value most about your position?"

"The children are the most important part of my job. I have laughed and cried. I have wonderful memories of children that I taught 20 years ago!!!"

Three Facts About Ms. Kelley:
1. "I have always loved Foreigner!" 🎸2. "I am a cat person!" 🐈3. "I am still friends with a girl I went to middle school with!"

"If you could sum up working in education in a few sentences, what would you say?"

"I have always wanted to teach!! Through these many years, I have learned so much from the children I have taught. One year I had a child with a very long name. She worked and worked on it! The day she got it she was so happy! That is what I have enjoyed the most. The students getting a skill and being so happy that they got it!"

A co-worker nominated Ms. Kelley. They had this to say: "Ms. Kelley is the first teacher in the building every morning, greeting students as they get off the bus with a smile. She's compassionate and hardworking, always putting all her effort into her teaching. Her students love her, and she's fantastic to work with."

Congratulations, Ms. Kelley! Thank you for your dedication to #A3Students! πŸ’›