Over the summer, the Crescent Cross Country team was challenged to run 100 miles individually. The following students accomplished just that: 

Caden Brown , Mason Center, Morgan Dutton, Lydia Gray, Ethan Hall, Jacob Holbrook, Gabby Loftis, Michael McCall, Matthew Mizzell, Jayden Phillips, Caleb Ramsey, Jacob Ramsey, Brody Russell, Jesse Sauve, Mackenzie Vincent, Lauren West 

One student - Sydney Broadwell - ran at least 150 miles and should be noted for that accomplishment as well!


These students were given a gold “100 mile club” shirt.  CONGRATS to these young people!

Overall, as a team, Tiger Cross Country ran 2,727 miles this summer. To give some perspective, Coach Dylan Jordan notes that it is 2,723 miles from Iva to San Francisco. So collectively and figuratively, our cross country team “ran” across the country this summer! 😄

The total number of miles run AND the number students to qualify this summer surpassed the summer of 2017.  Looking forward to an excellent season as our teams get ready for the Midnight Flight this Friday and Pre-Region the following Tuesday.