Angel Tree

Holiday Assistance, also known as Angel Tree, is a Holiday Assistance program that provides presents for families. Families that may qualify may read the requirements below. 

Please complete the application form: This application does NOT guarantee that your child(ren) will receive assistance.  School counselors will contact you IF your application is approved. Because of limited funding, Anderson Three Angel Tree programs are only able to offer assistance NOT totally provide all needs/wishes.   


  1. Families who apply for assistance must have students that attend A3 schools (K-4 through12th grade).  Students attending homeschool or virtual school are not eligible.
  2. Younger siblings under the age of five and not enrolled in A3 will also be eligible (ex: infants, toddlers, and four-year-olds).
  3. Older siblings that have dropped out of high school or have graduated from high school are not eligible.

Information Requested:

The information that you complete on this form will be used to purchase items if your child(ren) are selected. Filling out the requested information below does not guarantee that your child(ren) will be chosen.

  1. Please make sure that you indicate if your child's clothing/shoes need to be children's, youth's, junior's, or adult sizes.  
  2. We will use the phone number and email address that you provide in this document to contact you when your gifts are ready to be picked up.  
  3. Gifts will be ready between Dec 6th-14th.  
  4. Please make arrangements to have your gifts picked up.  
  5. If you need assistance, please call the school in advance.  

Application Form: