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A3 Communications

A3 Communications, 4 days ago

Good Hope Presbyterian Church recently donated $533.00 to the Weekend Snackpack Program. This donation was matched by an anonymous donor and will benefit the students of Flat Rock and Iva Elementary! Starr Baptist Church also supplies approximately 20 snackpacks each week to the students of Starr Elementary. Anderson Three is blessed and truly thankful for the love and support of our schools from the Starr and Iva communities. see pic

A3 Communications

A3 Communications, 5 days ago

Was parachute day your favorite day? I think these Iva students found a new favorite gym activity! see pic

Kelly Fortner

Kelly Fortner, 6 days ago

The Greenville Drive Reading All-Stars program kicks off today! Reading logs will be coming home this week. Help your child complete the reading log and celebrate with a Greenville Drive game! see pic

Kelly Fortner

Kelly Fortner, 12 days ago

Mrs. Sudduth’s K-5 students made Valentine cards for the “Cards 4 Kids” program. These handmade sentiments will be delivered to children in hospitals on Valentines‘ s Day! see pic