Zeke Gerrard

2022-2023 Flat Rock Elementary School Staff of the Year

"Zeke Gerrard is the Flat Rock Elementary School Teacher of the Year.  Zeke is a very important member of our school family.  Zeke is faithful to keep our school a safe place for our students, faculty, and staff.  Zeke takes his role in our school family very seriously.  

Zeke is a relationship builder.  Zeke takes extra time with all of our students but especially those who need an advocate in their lives.  He makes our students feel loved, safe and nurtured.  

It seems like such a simple thing, but Zeke stands in our cafeteria daily for the entire lunchtime and passes out milk to the students as they go through the lunch line.  Not only does he do this, he already knows their milk choice.  He cares about them so much that he remembers the milk choice of approximately 400 students.  That’s a big deal!

Zeke supports everybody in our building.  Yes, he does his part to keep us safe, but he also makes a point daily to ensure we all feel valued and loved."  

Congratulations, Officer Gerrard!