Erica Smith

2022-2023 Flat Rock Elementary School Teacher of the Year

"Erica Smith is the Flat Rock Elementary School Teacher of the Year.  Erica is a very important part of our school family.  She has served many roles throughout her time in our school and district and has done so faithfully and diligently.  Erica served as a reading interventionist in our primary and first-grade teachers.  She has served as a third-grade teacher teaching English language arts for several years.  

While Erica finds the content she teaches essential, she places more value on her students and her relationships with them.  Erica understands that children who can build relationships with her are going to be more successful.  Erica is caring, loving, and nurturing and projects those qualities onto her students daily.  

Erica is a team player.  She works tirelessly with her grade-level teachers to plan and carry out high-quality, meaningful, and rigorous instruction for our students.  She can lead, collaborate, and compromise with her peers to provide a top-tier education for our students.  

Erica cares about people. For several years, she has served as our social committee chairman.  She ensures that people are recognized for their efforts, so Iā€™m thankful she is being recognized for hers.

Erica Smith is the epitome of an educator who is committed to her craft, understands the importance of relationships, and is willing to go the extra mile and over and beyond to ensure that she contributes to the best education for our students and school community."  

Congratulations, Ms. Smith!