Snack Money Simplified

K12PaymentCenter is an online payment solution for Meals Plus customers that gives parents a single place to pay for snack fees! Parents can easily make payments online with a credit or debit card, schedule automatic payments, set up low balance alerts, and much more! 

Quick, easy, and secure payment system for your student's snack money

Make lunch and school fee payments securely using a credit/debit card. Your account information is confidential. We do not sell your information to anyone.


Within your account, you can view what they have purchased and what is the remaining balance in the account.  


You can set up an Automatic recurring payments to be set for monthly or weekly deposits, or when the balance is below a set amount.


Log in to view your student's current snack account balance at any time. You can also see their running balance of purchases and payments, or make a snack payment if desired.


Automated notifications via email and text message when your student's meal account balance falls below an amount you choose. You also can set it up to be notified when new fees are assigned to your student.